Teenager watching Spider-Man: No Way Home bitten by ‘rogue hamster’ in cinema

Teenager watching Spider-Man: No Way Home bitten by ‘rogue hamster’ in cinema

A teenager was stunned to find a hamster on the loose in a movie theatre in America – he said the rodent had crawled by his seat before jumping into his popcorn

A teenager was shocked when he was bitten by a hamster while in the cinema watching Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The young boy was only ten minutes into the film when one of his friends noticed the rodent running about the cinema in Alabama, USA.

The group initially thought the rodent was a rat so they lifted their legs out the way, but then one of the teens forget their snack so reached down to pick it up.

In scenes eerily similar to the origin story of Spider-Man, the hamster then snuck up on the teenager and bit him on the hand, as LADBible reports.

Speaking about his horror ordeal, the unnamed teen said: “I felt it on my hand.

“And it bit me. So I flipped my bucket over and caught it. I thought it would be the right thing to do. I don’t know why.”

The cinemagoer went on to say that he found a member of staff as the animal continued to latch his jaws onto him.

He said he was refunded for his movie ticket and popcorn but wasn’t left impressed when they didn’t do much about the hamster.

He added: “One of the employees was like: ‘What do you want me to do about it?’ I said: ‘I want you to take the hamster’.”

It remains unclear as to whether the cinema staff picked up Brian or whether they left the marvel fan to resolve the issue himself.

Speaking to a USA based reporter, the boy’s mother said that her son had spent hours watching Spider-Man movies in a build-up to seeing the new event.

She said the hamster ordeal had completely ruined the experience for her son, but she was thankful that he was ok.