My unemployed girlfriend refuses to eat leftovers – we can’t afford anything else’

My unemployed girlfriend refuses to eat leftovers – we can’t afford anything else’

A couple have come to blows over eating leftover meals after finding themselves short of cash – she says leftovers are for ‘hobos and broke college students’

When money is tight, most people tend to curb any nights out and restaurant meals in favour of batch cooking at home, as a sure fire way to save a few pennies.

One man has been doing exactly that, cooking his weekly meals twice a week, to save money and time, while going through a rough financial patch and working a demanding job.

The man, 28, and his girlfriend, 29, have been together for a little over a year, and since she lost her job, he’s been a the sole earner, meaning money has been a little tight and she hasn’t been able to fund her habit of eating out in restaurants.

“I cook twice a week and keep leftovers for busy days since my job is physically demanding and time consuming. My girlfriend eats my cooking but hates eating leftovers. In the past she’d eat out while I eat the leftovers but now since money is tight, eating out is no longer affordable,” he wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“My girlfriend hates that and she’s lost weight since she’d rather go hungry then eat leftovers. I don’t know why she feels so strongly about it.”

He continued: “Last night I came home late from work and started reheating leftovers for dinners. My girlfriend came into the kitchen asking if I was cooking but I said no since I already have leftovers ready to eat. She got upset and said that we should really limit eating leftovers and just leave this type of food for hobos and broke college students. I just shrugged and she left the kitchen in a hurry.

“She came back after I got done eating and looked at me asking where was her dinner plate. I said I didn’t save her any food because I assumed since it’s leftovers then she wouldn’t want to eat it. She had a full on tantrum about how selfish and inconsiderate I was not to save her some food and that she would be going to bed hungry because of me ‘assuming’ s***.”

The couple had a huge argument, in which he accused her of acting childish, and she responded by saying he’d done it on purpose and that he should’ve cooked fresh as he knew she’d be hungry.

“She ended up going to bed hungry and cold shouldered me for hours because of it,” the man added, before questioning whether he was in the wrong.

“First of all, leftovers are for hobos and broke college students? Uh, no, most people eat leftovers. Leftovers are for people who don’t want to waste food and/or don’t want to cook every day. Also, does she need reminded that she is a) unemployed and b) struggling financially? But leftovers are somehow beneath her? What?” one Reddit user ranted.

“If she’s unemployed, what does she do all day? Why isn’t she cooking? Why can’t she cook for herself if she doesn’t like leftovers? Why is it you cook or she starves? This is next level entitled brat behaviour.”

Another added: “Oh my lord, what is she, five? You didn’t make anyone go to bed hungry. She’s a grown ass woman who can heat up something herself, if that’s not beneath her. Sheesh.”